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We often see highly qualified coaches wanting to use our facility as a training ground for a wide array of sessions. We feel this is a great opportunity for our local members to gain experience from some of the best in the world and similarly gives non-locals a chance to experience what Stoke has to offer.

Pricing and Availability

The best place to find out about what external coaching is coming up at Stoke Ski Centre is through our social media, we will often try to inform our customers of any courses planned at the Centre with links to our partners / coaches websites for more information. Semi-regular courses are often run by Snowsports England, UKCP, CESA. Check their websites for more info.


    External Courses FAQ

    Still can't find what you need? Get in touch and we will do our best to help you.


    What external courses are coming up?

    Check our social media for upcoming courses, alternatively try checking external providers websites for planned courses.


    Where do i pay for external courses

    Most external courses ask you pay them directly and will include a lift pass within the course fee. Please contact the provider for more details.


    I am an external coach how can i use your facility?

    Get in contact with our office on either 01782204159 or email enquiries@stokeskicentre.co.uk

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