Open Practice

Get ready for the mountains!


All Recreational skiers must meet the minimum requirements as listed on our terms, which can be found here. Failure to meet these requirements will result in removal from the slopes without refund.

Monday 6-9pm

Enjoy quiet slopes for the evening with only a Master Class on the slopes 8pm-10pm and Snowboard lessons on the intermediate slope.

Tuesday 6-9pm

A busy night with Race Training on the main slope and coached freestyle on the intermediate slope 6:30-8:30pm.

Wednesday 6-9pm

Adult Lessons are ongoing throughout the evening, but the slopes are usually not too busy.

Thursday no recreational

We close at 5PM on Thursdays. 

Friday 6-9pm

Another quiet night with only Move & Improve on the slopes 7-9pm.

Saturday 1-4pm

Busy slopes with Race Training on the main slope throughout the session and lessons on intermediate slope.

Sunday 1-4pm (WINTER)

Busy slopes later in the session with lessons on the intermediate slope thoughout and the main slope shutting at 3pm for Adrenalin Tubing. If you would like a quick quiet session however 1-3pm is great!

Sunday 10-4pm (summer)

Recreational is available almost all day on summer Sundays, a great way to relax with the kids. Lessons in the afternoon, with the main slope shutting at 12pm for Adrenalin Tubing. 

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